Curso de bisutería : Fashion Jewellery one-day workshop

Fashion Jewellery

Cursos de Joyería: Verano 2017 Fashion Jewellery

Nuestro “Fashion Jewellery one-day Workshop” en inglés es una oportunidad de aprender nuevas habilidades en diseño y elaboración de joyería, estar en contacto con tu lado creativo y practicar y aprender inglés en una atmosfera rejada y divertida.


Cursos de Joyería: Verano 2017 Fashion Jewellery

Our Fashion Jewellery one-day workshop in English is an opportunity to gain skills in designing and making jewellery and to get in touch with your creative side while learning and practicing English in a relaxed fun atmosphere.

The course will give you an insight into how to approach different techniques through a series of demonstrations followed by practice. During the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to explore the techniques in their own style, to elaborate a collection of samples and at least one finished piece (earrings, bracelet or necklase).

Whether you are looking for a different way to spend your day, to celebrate a special occasion with friends or family, a team building activity or practice your English while learning something that you like, LaNuevaJoyeria School has a jewellery workshop to suit your requirements.


  • Traditional and contemporary handcrafted techniques such as beading, knotting, crochet and macrame.
  • The use of tools and different types materials such as thread, ribbon, wire, fabrics, and beads.

  • To think about design, shape, colour and style to develop your own ideas and projects.

  • Where to buy what you need to get started.

*Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and availability; we will try to accommodate your needs.


Julio: sábado 8 Julio

Septiembre: sábado 9 Septiembre

Horario: 10.00 a 15.00 horas

Precio: 65€


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